Saturday, April 2, 2011

The score on rock climbing

The best stretch after a hard climb!
I hung from the rock wall for the last official time on Monday night. After only a few weeks, I almost feel like I could be a stunt double in the next Spider Man movie. (Ha ha!)

I made sure I challenged myself on the last night, but I didn't leave on a climb I couldn't finish. There are still routes that haunt my dreams... I hope to get back and beat them when my schedule frees up a bit!

Before we get to the score on rock climbing, here are some considerations for those of you thinking about rock climbing for the first time:
  • Do you have a fear of heights? This is probably the quintessential question you need to ask yourself before climbing. You could be a serial belayer standing on the ground, but where's the fun in that? To be a climber you need to have confidence with your body in the air - far above the ground.
  • Get strong. If you, like me, spend most of your day sitting at a computer, rock climbing could be the perfect activity to counter-balance your daily routine. You remove the pressure on the spine you sit on all day and you get blood pumping into your wrists. Climbing works your forearms, shoulders, back muscles, and fingers.
  • Small groups make climbing magic. You can't really climb alone (unless you like to boulder, but you're unharnessed... and that's scary!). Find someone you trust and make it your bonding activity. I saw quite a few couples; maybe climbing could be your next date night activity!
  • Climbing is not for the hyper need-to-move every minute person. It's not like boxing or other high intensity cardio workouts. However, I was so glad I'd completed the boxer training before hitting the walls; my arms were much stronger from the punching bags. If you like a steady challenge, climbing might be for you. But don't count on climbing being the end-all of your workout routine.
Want to try it for yourself? There are two climbing facilities around Victoria, BC: Crag X; Boulder's Climbing Gym. Anywhere else in the world, check out this site:

Stay tuned. April's sport will be announced in the next week!

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    1. Great work on the climbing.... :-)
      i can't wait to visit and go with you!!
      Excited to hear about April's sport!!!
      Wooooooo hoooo!! :-)