Sunday, April 3, 2011

Prepare to Run

Well, it's a new month and time to try a new sport again. Without further adieu, I am announcing that April will be a month spent running!

Are you groaning? "She's running?!"

In deciding what I'd tackle next, I kept bumping up against the idea of running. My decision was made easy based on a few factors. First, we're finally experiencing spring-like weather: Yay for being outside! Next, with the time change it's possible to get out in the evening to run. And finally, my wallet could use the break; I've got a pair of ratty old runners, so my equipment costs will be low.

In my research for the Injured Player I've started reading blogs and articles about sport to get ideas. Almost every blog about sports I've encountered is predominately focused on running. It leads me to believe you or someone you know might be considering taking up running.

Here are some of my favourite running blogs:
Run to the Finish
Woman on the Run
Geek Turned Athlete

Running could be the worst thing I try as far as my knee injury goes. But, as one of the most popular adult sports, I couldn't really not try it. At the start of May I'll be participating in a local 10km run. I have no illusions of running a marathon. My knee couldn't handle it.

The top running injuries don't appear ACL related, which is good news for me. However,  according to the experts I can look forward to everything from blisters to shin splints. But - being the optimist I am, I will make sure that I warm up thoroughly to avoid anything more severe than a blister. has a good overview of top stretches for runners, including:
  • Standing calf
  • Standing IT band
  • Standing quad
  • Seated hamstring
  • Hip flexers
  • Simple shoulder
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • (and my favourite!) Pigeon
So start stretching and get out there. Maybe we'll see each other on the run!

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