About The Injured Player

My name is Bronwyn Dunbar. I'm a "weekend" athlete (meaning I'm not competitive) and live in Victoria, BC, Canada's premiere city for athletes of all abilities. After years of playing and loving the sport of soccer, I realized the sport was too hard on my body (namely my damaged knee). Starting in 2011 I'm on a quest to find a sport that combines everything I love about soccer: competition, athleticism, and socializing.

Here are the rules of this challenge:
  1. Between now and January 2012 I will try a new sport every month.
  2. I must participate in the sport at least once per week for all four weeks in the month.
  3. I can participate in the sport by myself or with a friend as my crutch (figuratively of course!).
  4. The sports can be team-based or individual. They can also be “loosely” defined as sports too – in other words, it doesn’t have to be an Olympic sport.
  5. I will write about the good and the bad to ensure I don’t simply dismiss something because it’s not soccer.
Get involved.

I'm open to any kind of help you can offer. Post a comment or email TheInjuredPlayer@gmail.com
  • Suggestions for sports to try
  • Offers to let me join your team for a month (in the Victoria, BC area)
  • Coaching offers
  • Equipment loan/donation
Thanks for your interest and I hope to hear from you!