Sunday, February 6, 2011

Boxing – Take One

I survived boxing, week one. I ventured to Capital City Boxing, an unassuming gym tucked away in a corner of the city I don’t often go to. The owner (who I understand is a woman) started a training program called Hit to Fit. The circuit – consisting of challenging strength, agility, and cardio exercises – takes 30 minutes to complete, and the final couple of minutes are always boxing related.

I got to hit a punching bag for the first time in my life. Fun, right? Here’s the thing. When it comes to something new that I’m doing on my own, I can be shy. For those who know me, that might be a shock. The point is I didn’t go in with gusto. Ironic, given boxing is all about moxie. If I don’t remain worried that I look like I’m trying too hard, I will probably get something out of this.

But in fairness, it was only week one. I’m starting something new and it will take time. Here are a few things I did learn:
  1. As a dominant right-handed fighter, you stand with your left foot forward.
  2. You always keep your hands up to guard your face, but you don’t turn your hands palm in toward your face – the palms face each other.
  3. A 1-2 combo starts with a jab – thrown straight out with your left hand – and a straight right – thrown with your right hand.
Since I’m not in “boxing school,” I won’t be in the ring. But, that’s no reason not to learn the rules of the fight. I’ll leave you with this cool site that explains how points are given, what’s legal, and what’s illegal.

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